Dear Mom,

I never thought you would be a reason for me to think our family is white trash, but your behavior lately has proven otherwise. And moreover, by lately, I mean over THANKSGIVING.

Not only did you spend 2 out of the 4 nights I was home at your boyfriend's house, but then you basically stole my credit card. For his purchases, I think. But even if not, WHAT. THE. FUCK. What was going through your head when you said to yourself, "of course it's okay to use someone's credit card without telling them" ?!?

Now I know exactly what my older brother was talking about when he said to never, EVER let family borrow money. I assume you screwed him over at some point too, and that's why he's so stingy.

It would be different if it were around $20 and you had forgotten to tell me or something. But you KNEW what you were doing. Not to mention that it was like SIX purchases totaling over $200! REALLY.

Why isn't it possible to disown your parents?

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Aspirer said...

Actually you can legally emancipate them but... i catch your drift :)