Dear adorable BF,

Ever since you 8th-grade style asked me to be your girlfriend and took me to my first drive in movie that was 2 hours away when I came back from Europe, the "L" word has been tickling my lips. But now we have casually mentioned moving in together, you bought me a tiffany's necklace for my b-day [doesn't Tiffany's = love], and I have this Darwinian urge to reproduce with your genes after NEVER wanting babies. If you don't say it soon, it might just escape next time you do your kick-ass Borat impression or show up at my apartment in scrubs.

love [???],


Anonymous said...

um. i feel the same way. is it a rule that you have to wait for the guy to bust out the L word first??

massie said...

Def not a rule. But he has never said it to anyone I just don't want the first time he ever says it is because he felt like he had to or something. If this was other circumstances i would have def said it already, it's killing me!!

Good luck M in sf!

A in P said...

it sounds like he's going to soon..
wait it out! it will be worth it.

Anonymous said...

dude! yeah! my boyfriend and i have been dating for almost 4 months and i totally love him. and I've said it when i was drunk (oh god. wow, right?) but he's responded and i always (well, twice) begin like, "so, iknowimdrunkbutiloveyoukinda" and he's responded with "babe, i love you, too. i wanted to say it but didn't know if it was too soon."

that's good, right? i totally was waiting for him to say it first. but i cracked.


massie said...

awwwww!!! That is WAY cute! Happy for you J