Dear Dear-Lifers,

I started talking to an old friend from study abroad within the last couple of months, and for various reasons relating to a desire to hang out (and also, secretly, hoping to make the "New" Crush jealous), we started discussing a visit. The original idea I threw out was me visiting him, that way, it was my dime and there was no pressure. However, owing to me being cheap and also getting jury duty, and his desire (he claims) to visit San Francisco, we're now discussing him visiting me. I was pumped about this, but now I'm wondering if I'm going to be expected to sleep with him or something.

I mean, we're both single but I'm not trying to set up a booty-call visit. Frankly, I'm ready to swear off guys after the rampant douchebaggery of the "New" Crush (which involves him texting and IMing me dirty messages while his g/f was visiting, among other things), whom, despite aforementioned douchebaggery, I still have insane feelings for.

And while I'm asking questions here, might I ask why my MBA program won't accept my calculus transcript? And why my new apartment is in the ghetto? And why despite that ghetto, I'm going to be paying more money every month? And why I can't just have one damn thing go my way?!

Exasperated, and nervous,

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