Dear life,

My weren't you evil last night. I had airplane ride from hell and got diverted to small town Norwegian love fest not in a land up north. So I decided to have a beer ... that lead to another, and another, and another. I figured I needed to counter act the liquid so decided it was time for food. As I was leaving I saw you. I had enough in my bloodstream to go say "hi ... weren't you on our airplane?"

When I got back from dinner thinking I had struck out once again. You asked if I needed a place to take a nap until the trip resumed back north. You don't have to ask me more then once. I put down the beer, picked up my luggage, and followed this Czech beauty. I was on cloud nine because I was going o score with a beauty I hadn't seen in many, many years.

We talked, got comfortable and started to fall asleep. I had about 8 hours until the new transportation mode to get back north so there was plenty of time to do the deed. The phone rang and startled us to reality. It was your husband. Funny how I didn't notice the ring on your finger ... okay I was never looking at her finger. We talked a bit more and I found out she was a lonely young woman whose husband works to many hours.

So there was a little fight going on in my mind ... the angel on one shoulder saying take a shower and go, the devil on the other shoulder saying do her. I followed the angel and took a shower.

On my way out she got up and hugged me, she had gotten naked while I was showering. Life you were just plain evil last night and I regret being the good man. Damn ....



Anonymous said...

So glad that guys like you still exist.

blondie said...

are you just an internet figment d2 or do you really exist?

Anonymous said...


I do exist ... we are out there. You just have to dig through a few to find us. Keep the faith even through the tears.


Anonymous said...

Dude, well played.

Unless she was hot like Angelina Jolie, in which case...