Dear Emotionally Stunted Piece of Shit Ex Who Dumped Me Because I'm Having Surgery and Maybe Have Cancer:

There are no words to describe what a hideous pile of fucked-up jerkface human refuse douchebaggery you are. You left me crying on my front porch when you said, "Sorry, I can't be here for you," after not even ASKING when the surgery is. I'm hoping the reason you can't be here is b/c you knew you were going to die 3 days after you did this to me. Having blocked you on chat and defriended you on FB, I can only hope this was the case and that you are now safely 6 feet under, where you can never do this to anyone else. If not, I hope you get herpes in your eye and on your peen and die of syphillitic insanity, alone and unloved, which is how you left me.

Wishing I could be sure I won't burst into tears if I ever see you again,

PS I understand now why your ex-fiancee threw a knife at you and kept the ring.

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