Dear boy,

I may have pretended to be pissed when you showed up at my place at 3am, but I am incredibly grateful for our time spent together.
You paid $200 to be driven to my place because your car was broken down, told me that you were scared to get serious with me because you didn't think you were what I wanted out of life and made my abs hurt this morning after all the fun we had.
It was also pretty cute that when I told you I think all I want out of this is a hook-up buddy, that you responded by grabbing my hand to hold, talked about coming home with me for Thanksgiving and were disgusted that I wanted to be a kissing booth for Halloweener.

As much as I try to be the boy in this relationship and not care about feelings...I find myself wanting you around...

Welp see you in 4 weeks...maybe?


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