Dear Lifers,

When and how much "talking dirty" is ok? I got a glimpse of it on hook-up #1 and saw it in full action on hook-up #2. Is this too early? What does this say about him?

And how am I supposed to respond back? Currently I am just not saying anything. I know that sooner or later I'm not going to be able to pull off a moan in response...but I've never said things like that.

Is silence really golden?


Shameless said...


just say something about his giant cock... guys really like that one. Oh and try not to act self-conscious even if you feel ridiculous

Anonymous said...

the more you get to know him and trust him, the more open you will feel, dont push it...wait til you feel comfortable

Anonymous said...

Do you know another language? I've learned how to make the most tame things sound super raunchy in Spanish. Don't underestimate the power of a well-timed "Si, mas por favor, papacito!"


Anonymous said...

If this is the same dude you ran over I'd start talking hot and heavy about "rear end collisions," "hydroplaning," "stickshift transmission," and "air bag deployment."

If that goes well, break out the axle grease and 10w30.


Anonymous said...

So to summarize, DL is full of damn pervs who love getting chatty in sack. And what does it say about him? Well, he's probably confident... hopefully for good reason.

Kevin said...

Well, every time I've tried dirty talk I end up laughing at myself and at him. So I only tend to hook up with chatty guys a couple of times. Maybe I'm shallow, but I want to save my LOL's for when I'm watching ANTM, not when I'm sucking dick.


Anonymous said...

No ... DL is not full of pervs who get chatty in the sack! Em, I rarely hook up but when I'm in a relationship we find out what each other is comfortable with. Communication is key between partners. I tend to be chatty and I like it when my partner is chatty but everyone is different. One persons kink maybe another persons normal.