Where have you gone? I used to have something that resembled you around here somewhere. But I think you got lost in the office and the home office. And the reports being run at 2:00 AM and the bigoted asshole boss that deserves my heel in his ass.
Dear A-Life,

A-Life, you don't gotta be much, I'm easy to please - but I need you. It was pitiful enough that I would be thrilled to have time for just one night out with friends, that usually ended in me going home early in exhaustion and disortientation. But now that is gone.

My Tivo has begun deleting itself. My friends have all but written me off. My trainer thinks I'm lazy when I am in fact still just at the office when I miss our appointments. I did not shave my legs for the MONTH of October. Unacceptable. I'm a cute girl with a lot to offer. Let's balance out this business and pleasure thing. Come back to me baby. I need you.

All work and no play makes blondie a dull girl.


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