Dear "Day of Bad News,"

Man, fuck you. So first of all, after my workplace has been dissolving into heartbreaking disarray and backstabbing since this weekend, my staff's adviser had to go and take the side of the board of trustees. Aka not our side, not the side of the people he's supposed to be here for. Sucks. Day two of divisiveness and threatened walkouts by people who are really important and really, really good at there jobs. Do I stay loyal to the place I love or to the people who taught me how and why to love it? And, of course, in such a state my work for tomorrow isn't as good as it should be. Which I hate. But whatever, it's one day.

But then one of my dear friends, who's also in this work mess, had to find out her friend has really serious cancer. After already recently learning her best friend also has serious cancer. And both of these people are younger than 25. And then my housemate found out her grandfather has 3 months to live. Not enough time.

And then in my listlessness I decided to browse Facebook (shoulda seen this as a bad sign) where I came across wall posts to my Latin lover in German from an Ecuadorian girl who posts on his wall all the damn time. Spanish I know, but not German. Neither does he. Now having a lady friend is totally fine, but writing to my man in German that you love him in your life and want to marry him is a really bad idea. It's the internet, people can figure that shit out. He's all yours, what the fuck ever, just wish I didn't already buy that plane ticket across the ocean to see him in a month and a half. I also wish I didn't have to live with the fact that I could have been really, really happy with this wonderful person for a long time if it wasn't for the ocean between us and a country that sees brown skin as reason enough to deny someone a worker's visa. All this time I was feeling good about talking him out of illigally crossing the border into the U.S. to see me, you were just making your move. Espero que te vaya muy mal en tu vida, puta. Y sabes que es muchisimo mas importante aprender ingles que alemania, chika tonta.

And I wish 19-year-olds didn't have to get pancreatic cancer. And that life could just go back to how it was last Friday.

Sorry if this is emo, just needed to let it all out. Better news tomorrow?


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