dear c's first frat party,

you know when you watch cheap shitty college movies and the characters go to the most epic party in the world?
you were like that, only better. you had an 8-foot-tall monster head with punch pouring out of its nose, a 20-foot-wide pit filled with ice and natty light, and almost-naked sluts galore.. of which i was one, of course. you made it almost effortless for me to get completely obliterated and make a variety of bad choices in public.. and perhaps under a stairwell.

but mostly, i appreciate the opportunity you provided for me to be the girl that fell FLAT ON HER ASS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DANCE FLOOR.
one second i'm grinding on a frat boy, the next i'm sitting cross legged on the floor staring up the skanky cop dress of my laughing best friend.

i think we should start seeing each other muuuuch more often.

so worth the "monster" headache (get it, because it's halloween!?!11?),

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Phi Alpha

Jon in Denver