Dear Girl at the Bus Stop,

Sorry I wasn't more talkative this morning, but I was kind of tired when you sneakily sidled up to me, stood way too close and complimented my earrings. That would have been fine, but I was a bit more spooked when you followed me onto the bus,sat down directly next to me (the entire bus was empty but us) and proceeded to chatter away about your unemployment, your overweight boyfriend with turrets who you met in rehab and the fact that you had both a cold and the stomach flu. It was the latter point that made me less than overjoyed when you spontaneously hugged me. So, sorry for seeming unfriendly but it was just a bit much for 8am, pre-caffeine. I don't feel too bad because you definatly didn't notice my discomfort and rising panic as you prattled on about your awkward social skills.

Jesus I need to buy a car,



Anonymous said...

Somebody sat next to a girl who had decided to do some post-rehab E!


massie said...

inappropriate on the bus

ML said...

i. know. the. feeling.