Dear boy that I am newly semi-dating,

When I told you I was a bad driver, I meant it.

I didn't mean to back into a ditch while backing out of your driveway, but what proceeded to happen was pretty funny...

I tried to get out, but my car started smelling badly and there was no moving it. So I call you. Twice. You don't answer. So I'm forced to go up to your house and ring the doorbell. I was going to just walk straight in, but the door is locked. At this point the dog is barking and you make it to the door. You look at me kind of puzzled. It was almost as if you thought I had changed my mind and wanted to stay the night. Your house alarm went was a fiasco. So finally I get inside and I'm like "uhhh I backed into a ditch" And you are like...what??? And like I guess you don't believe me. So you start like trying to kiss me and I'm like..."No...seriously...this isn't an excuse to stay the night...I backed into a ditch as I was leaving!" So I finally get you outside and you're like "How the hell did that happen? Have you been drinking?" So you try to get me out and can't.
*We're still not even at the best part yet.*
We then decide that you are going to push my car out of the ditch as I hit the accelarator. That doesn't work. So you're like "Put it in the reverse and then immediately hit the gas."
So I put the car in reverse, but kind of freak out b/c it starts rolling backwards pretty quickly. Then I realize. Shitttt. You are behind the car and I just RAN YOU OVER!!!
I put the car in park and hop out and am like OMG OMG OMG I'm sooooo sorry!!! You lost your shoe and were pretty stunned. But I was like laughing b/c I was so embarassed. You were fine with it. And as you were finally getting my car out of the ditch, you were laughing pretty hard too.
Does this mean our next date is cancelled?

Hope your foot is ok,


massie said...

I just loled in a public place! Love it! If you guys get serious, this is a pretty cute story to look back on.

Anonymous said...

"New leaf" means hitting dudes with cars. I'll start biting my tongue.

Your Best Friend

Em said...

Well...I didn't stay the night.
Doesn't that count for "new leaf"?

Anonymous said...

You break even, buddy.


cj said...

I think this means you have to get married now. Thats a story for the kids.