dear C,


here's mine:

(the black one)

i feel like it sends the right message- a cross between "i kind of have a boyfriend who doesn't want to commit to me" and "i'm ready to take jello shots and make the worst decisions ever".

happy halloweiner!


Anonymous said...

Dear C,

I kind of have a boyfriend who doesn't want to commit to me, also.

How do you cope?



c said...


it's always hard. i broke up with him last month because i felt like i was wasting my time. but then i realized- when is having fun with someone you really care about, who really cares about you back, a waste of time? it's not perfect, and sometimes i wish he wanted more of a commitment. but i'm a junior in college and honestly i've met MAYBE 5 guys in the past 3 years that actually were "looking for a relationship". so basically for now i'm enjoying myself with him, trying not to think like a fairy tale, and knowing that i can't change anyone's mind but my own. i'm sure you already know that if you ARE looking for something serious right now, it's going to hurt a lot more if you prolong the inevitable with someone that probably won't change their mind any time soon- and definitely don't stay in something that isn't what you want because you don't want to be alone. there is ALWAYS something better and you deserve it. :)

i hope that helps at all, boo. good luck.