Dear Facebook:
You make it possible for me to mindread the daily ponderings of all my acquaintances - AND to get realtime news on the events and happenings they care about.
Now, I not only know beyond doubt how stupid and dull my circle is, but it also turns out that...deep deep down...everybody I know is really shallow.
Even the commentary I make up for my dog when he licks his balls is better.
Missing my delusions of friends with hidden substance,


Anonymous said...

p.s. Dear hotties friended on facebook - disregard my post.

Just keep "liking" my stupid and shallow comments and continue posting your ill-advised party and beach pics.


Corrin said...

Hahaha. I agree. I have about, 4 people on my entire friends list that I talk to semi-regularly.

I've actually started a new crusade to delete one irrelevant person from my list daily. Its usually the result of a stupid status update.