stop creeping on my friends

Dear guy-
You're just out of a serious intense 5 year relationship that didn't
work out and you were heartbroken. I was there because it was like..
a month ago. So as much as I understand that you need to "move on"
and what not- can it not be with all my girlfriends? At first I was
like ohh fun. And I told my friends you're cool. But then I
remember you're probably not ready for a relationship. My friends
really like you and that would be fine if you were interested in them
for more than sex. However you aren't and it's pathetic that you
pretend. You slept with one and after a few times just stopped
calling her. Really? Then she comes to me like, "What happened?"
And now you're after my other friend. Just a warning to you, I'm
warning her this time!! Get your kicks off someone else's friends or
better yet keep your D in your pants and figure out your life.
My friends are not "those type" of girls!


Anonymous said...

Amen! I'm usually the other way around and trying to snag the guys that just got out of the serious 5 year relationships... surprise surprise when they're a total wreck and emotionally unavailable.


c said...

ditto to C about unavailable guys. although mine usually aren't freshly out of relationships-- for the reason that they never wanted one in the first place. clearly there is something wrong with me (and your guy friend... eeeew!)