Dear Life is back + needs your help!

Dear Lifers past and present,

This is C checking in with some exciting news -- Dear Life is back.  I'm reaching out to you because at one point or another, you submitted a post. We'd like your help in bringing Dear Life back to life. 

What happened?

I had sushi with A last week and we were lamenting the death of the blog. With A's busy schedule entering the real world updating the blog as frequently became a challenge.  The posts stopped rolling in and a vicious spiral ensued.  

Why bring it back?

Many of us have felt like there's something missing without Dear Life around.  Recently I (and others) have been rediscovering the posts we submitted two or three years ago and reliving the forgotten hysterical, unbelievable, and yes, sometimes embarrassing and painful moments.   

What can I do to help?

The #1 thing you can do is submit a quality post.  To make this easier, we've enabled autoposting.  Send your post to and it will get automatically published.  

What else can I do?

Bookmark the page 

Tell your friends. 

Post about it on your blog.

Link to Dear Life

Give us feedback on the new layout and ideas for improvement.

Thanks for your help.  Lets bring this community back to life.  Now, come on and send a post in and let's kick this thing off:

Love, C 

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