Dear male Dear-Lifers,

I heard on the radio yesterday about how guys are learning that they should become friends with a girl before they start dating them.
Is there validity in this statement?

Trying to get into the male head,


Anonymous said...

The word "platonic" is becoming irrelevant. Be afraid.


blondie said...

This is not a male perspective, but in the (not exact) words of good old Harry. "Men and women can never really be just pretty much want to nail everyone"
- When Harry Met Sally

Anonymous said...

I think your radio is on crack.

I wrote on the problem of "just friend" guys last October or so. Dudes do ACT like being friends is okay...but it's all a ruse for cowards. We either want you...and think you're hot...or don't, and thus can't be bothered. "Just Friend" guys piss me off to no end, because they make my not-a-liar, not-a-prettyboy self have to work way harder. I'll append what I wrote in an added comment following this one.


Anonymous said...


Dear Guys who tell the Hotties you Dig that you’re Cool with being “Just Friends”:

No, liars, you’re not. You’re cockblockers who goaltend even though you can’t score. And, no, I’m not talking to guys who get along with women that are attract-IVE but you’re not dying to bone… This is just you two-faced toolboxes that are mad attract-ED to a bunny but pretend to be “not dying” to avoid the Heisman, proceed to torpedo every other dude in the vicinity, and finally pull some creepy-ass stalker shit on the bunny who’s your supposed “friend.”

Clue time! We NEVER accept being “just friends” with the hottie we chase, gentlemen. The only reason to put up with “friending” is to switch targets to HER friend. But that’s not what friends do, is it? Like if I only hang with you to try to bang your hot sister? What? Oh, THAT’S creepy?

You “just friend” guys make shit so hard. WHY? The friend angle NEVER works, morons. “Just” means “no sex…ever.” Get it? The only things for you to do in the zone are suffer forever or pounce once she trusts you or is vulnerable.

And what happens to a bunny who has the “friend zone” go “creep zone” one time too many? She gets jaded, that’s what. And jaded women only do two things:
a) objectify hot-boys on an as-needed-only basis, and;
b) manipulate every other guy who acknowledges the hotness

…leaving us non-hot-boys terminally SOL.

Way to stack the deck MORE in favor of guys who need no help. Just turn gay, retards. Men don’t say “no” so you’ll never need to protect your little egos.


Anonymous said...

The contents of these comments shall be compiled into a book. It will be called "the bible."

Anonymous said...

when harry met sally!