Dear Politics,

If I hear any of the following words/phrases one more time I may have to up and leave the country for good:

a hearbeat from the presidency
ready to lead
candidate of change
hail mary pass

I know the media wants to dissect everything going on in the election, but can't they throw in some new vocab words. I swear every sentence out of someones mouth contains one of those words. And that means that they are all SAYING THE SAME DAMN THING. Over and over. It makes my ears want to bleed.

And another thing, who the hell are these undecided voters?!? I don't know any of them- everyone I know made up their mind months ago. Surely after weeks and weeks of this non-stop media circus people would either choose a damn candidate are give up.

Hugging my thesaurus,


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Anonymous said...

I have not picked a candidate yet. I'm not giving up yet, either, because I'm waiting for the debates.

Basically, I stopped paying attention between February and last week, and now I am well rested for the remainder of the election. It's not like I can't catch up quickly on what (little) happened for most of the year.