God Bless America


Anonymous said...

This is BY FAR the most comprehensive video regarding the GOP and Governor Palin that I have seen.

Long Live the Daily Show!


Anonymous said...

Once again, another stellar and highly nuanced post. Notice the rapid editing of the clips. What O'Reilly was saying about Spears (and what was left out) was his criticism of the wanton behavior of the family, which has been spiraling out of control for a long time...I dare you to dispute that. Also, he makes a remark noting that Loving Lynne Spears promptly sold pictures of her forthcoming grandchild for a million dollars. Somehow I doubt the tone in a family where a new baby is seen as an opportunity to make a quick buck is anything like the family of Sarah Palin, who has not been pursuing treasure derived from the exploitation of her children. Way to do your homework, though.


Anonymous said...

OMGWTF? ROVE's context was left incomplete? How can anyone think to do such a thing to so upstanding and fairminded a peacemaker!?!?!? He must not be a two-faced hypocrite for calling spears' pregnancy a blight and Palin's a divinely inspired ploughing.

Sarah Palin hasn't been seeking treasure based on exploiting her children? PUH-LEEZE!

The treasure she seeks is power...

She's using her family as a QUALIFICATION AND A SHIELD in appealing to all of us for a job.

She flouts her kids... her ONLY press release is solely about family...and parades all the children and daughter's baby-daddy for tons of photo ops in pursuit of her goal.

She's defended her daughter's privacy and decision as "her choice." The same "choice" she would take from everyone else.

Crazy that 2 years ago McCain supported Roe v Wade...he'll sell out on any point to be prez.

His 96 year old mom better watch her ass.

Anonymous said...

What. the. fuck?

I thought this was fun blog that I would periodically check throughout my workday for the occasional laugh.

Now it has turned into a polital war zone where everyone thinks they know what's best for this country and feels the need to talk down to anyone who opposes them.

Complete and total bullshit.

Dear Life...you officially suck ass and are officially off my Favorites list.

How about deleting whyamisopretty.blogspot (are you seriously debating politics with a name like this?...lame) and creating a new one....maybe call it... youcancommentandpostaslongasitdoesnotgoagainstwhatAstandsfor? A bit long, eh?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree on the warzone thing. Makes me a bit uncomfortable reading this blog nowadays.

Hopefully all will be better by December and we can all be a big happy sex-obsessed family again...lol

jec said...

Angry A posting long rants,

$50 donation and a committment to call 20 undecided voters tonight for Obama in your honor. Keep posting your thoughts.....more where this came from.