Dear Sarah Palin,

Maybe if your daughter had gotten more comprehensive sex education programming (instead of abstinence only), you might not be having an illegitimate grandchild and a teen headed right to divorce court before she hits her 21st birthday.

Also, I'm pretty sure that the Bible has no direct verses about abortion(because it did not exist in biblical times), yet it has THOUSANDS about helping the poor and putting them above yourself. Funny how you are so quick to shove that issue under the rug.

Thousands of Americans are dying every year because they don't have healthcare because our system is so fucking corrupt and all Paris Hilton can think about is how she doesn't want taxes to raise. I understand that people don't want such a huge chunk taken out of their paycheck, it sucks, but the amount of opportunity to increase wealth that the rich have is unproportional. It is soooo incredibly hard to pull yourself out of poverty, while it is easy as shit to invest your millions and make them multiple in a small matter of time. The rich are getting richer at a rapid rate, and higher taxation is an attempt to slightly set that off. Rest assured, that the rich WILL STILL get richer, but maybe we could give people who have never had a pair of new shoes in their life, that were forced to drop out of school at 15 to work at McDonalds because their mother was a single parent who needed another income and couldn't care about her child's education because her situation was desperate, a fighting chance (i know that was a really bad run-on sentence).

I don't know. I'm scared about your approval rate. I think that if your party takes this election it will be a huge mistake. That's just my opinion.

Barack The Election,


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blondie said...

double amen. how said is it for women everywhere if, when a woman is finally elected to the highest office, she will be a "stand there, look pretty" puppet?

Anonymous said...

Honestly, who thought this woman was a good idea?

jec said...

We need to volunteer and work with Barack to make sure this woman never gets into office. As a side note, I would like to know which books she wanted banned from the city library. She makes my skin crawl.

Shameless said...

Agreed. Everyone not only needs to go out and vote, but to make sure everyone they know is registered and ready to vote too. The youth are going to decide this election, I'm sure of it.

Anonymous said...


abso-fricking-lutly ... if we don't exercise our rights then we have no one to blame but ourselves! But it isn't about rich and poor in my viewpoint. It's about doing what is right and sending a message to the rest of the world that the United States of America is not defined by the last 8 years.


Anonymous said...


You are right on! Palin is a political ploy and a poor, out-of-touch one at that. Women, and all people of our country, deserve better representation that a hockey mom from Alaska who thinks her family represents a typical American family. How more unrealistic could we get if the Republicans take office. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE y'all!

Steve said...

Agreed, all. I think the word "puppet" is the best word I've seen used to describe her. Nothing about this woman is genuine, honest or truly interested in repairing this country. The more I come to know about her the more I am disgusted with the Republican Party for choosing her. At times it feels like an insult to the intelligence of the American people-- an assumption that they will not be able to see her for what she really is.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if anyone else noticed this but me, but her entire speech was an Obama bashing brigade. She is a pathetic attention-whore, and I find it totally and utterly ironic that McCain wanted to get on Obama about being on all these magazines like "Paris Hilton and Britney", yet Ms. "Barracuda" Palin is on EVERY tabloid magazine there is for all of her and her family's wild, hillbilly antics. Give me a freakin break on the "our family is just like yours" bull, Palin.

Waiting for the VP debates to watch Biden get all up in her grill,

Anonymous said...

At the risk of making myself permanently unwelcome, and with all due respect, I must suggest that for those that are against abortion generally feel that it is murder--- and murder IS prohibited by the Ten Commandments. Personally, I'm ambivalent on abortion, and so I support keeping abortion legal. Frankly, I think that abortion only addresses a symptom-- this country should be concerned with the disease itself, which is the number of people/teens still winding up with unintended pregnancies.

Also, I don't think anyone is against giving a helping hand to those who genuinely require it. I saw nothing in Palin's speech to suggest that she's opposed to helping the unfortunate. I didn't hear a specific plan for providing that help, either, to be fair.

I DO think that it shows a certain lack of nuanced thought to paint all members of a political party with the same brush and write them off as idiots because you "don't agree". That means you automatically judge at least 40% of your countrymen, which is discrimination at it's best. Many people have complex beliefs that aren't easily distilled into either camp. Knee-jerk partisanship ain't pretty or flattering, and I address this to people in both camps, because both Republicans and Democrats-- and even Libertarians and Green Party members-- are guilty.

Please take everything I say in the spirit in which it was intended, which is mostly to provoke thought-- NOT to provoke emotion.


Tyler the Video Guy said...


Will you marry me?

ML said...

I agree that if the McCain-Palin ticket wins the election, the whole world is fucked. Not just the U.S., the whole world. We are an unfortunately highly influential country in too many ways to have someone like her talking to foreign officials. She's bat-shit insane if she's able to sleep at night.

Anonymous said...

1. You could argue for more "comprehensive sex education programming" for the rest of time, but teen girls will still get pregnant. Who knows -- maybe, just now and again, teenage hormones override even the best parent's/educator's words on sex ed? I'm willing to extend a 17 year-old girl some of that Christian good will you seem to allude to all the time (did you shove it under the rug?), and not use her pregnancy to attack people politically.

2. Sorry to say, biblical scholar A, but the practice of abortion has been traced back long before the New Testament. Just because wire coat hangars weren't invented yet and they didn't have clinics with linoleum floors, doesn't mean it didn't exist.

3. There are no specific biblical passages about a great many things, but that doesn't make them less wrong. Just a hunch, but I think that dude with the long hair and dad that lived in the sky had a certain fondness for children. Nevermind how unusually sacred children were to Jews versus other peoples of the ancient world, and look at verses like Psalm 127: "Truly children are a gift from the lord." I would say that there are "THOUSANDS" of passages like this in there, and it would be impossible to miss them, but that would just be needlessly hyperbolic.

4. I can agree that thousands of Americans die every year, and that sometimes it might be due in part to a lack of health care. However, what are you expecting? No, really, stop fuming about capitalism for a second and let's look at what you've said here. In every society on the planet, even the beloved Canadian system (which has become the darling of the universal healthcare crew), thousands of people are going to die without healthcare. Even with the means (read: money) to get healthcare, many of the supposed 45 million in this country that don't have it simply don't go out of their way to get it. Only 8 million people are actually unable to get healthcare for one reason or another, a pretty pedestrian rate when you think about our laws that provide care to anyone that needs care on an immediate basis. Paying later can be a bitch, but no one is being turned back out to the streets with their hand in an ice-packed ziploc bag. Hell, our system now even provides care for the multitude of illegal immigrants to a certain capacity. So anyways...where was I? Oh, that's right, lacerating your feeble attempt to justify "Barack-ing the Election." In any case, thousands of people are going to die in any system a year without healthcare...let's call them "the homeless." Let's pretend that the universal healthcare fantasy becomes a are you going to account for crack-addled Shoniqua to tend to her healthcare through even this hand-out system, when she can't even be troubled to stop giving handjobs in the Texaco bathroom long enough to fill out the paperwork or get an appointment? Of course some people are going to die without healthcare...using paltry statistics like this to justify a radical change to our system is irresponsible and...dare I say...typical of many Barack supporters. You can find exceptions and genuine horror stories, sure, but just wait until everyone has to go through a waiting list to get even the most basic care. People will be dying by far more than the "thousands" then.

5. I originally wanted to write a long section addressing your demented economic musings, but I'm going to get back to the subject of your knee-jerk reaction to Sarah Palin. You wrap her up in your tidy Rolling-Stone issued vision of anyone conservative being some sort of evil corporate money grubber screwing the little guy on the way to go swimming in their Scrooge McDuck vault full of money. Poverty is always a bad place to be in, but I really don't see how increasing people's dependence on a handout system of government is going to inspire someone to pull themselves up from poverty. Rather, you could attack the educational system in poor areas, and assault the culture of drugs and violence that plague the inner city. I don't hear much coming out of the "community organizer" on that note. Oh, and Barack's campaign has untold millions behind it, including MoveOn and the countless special interests. Shouldn't we take some of that money, far more than has likely been garnered for any candidate in any election ever? Imagine how many shoes you could buy for the poor with that.

6. I see your snarky bad-David-Spade-impression on this site all the time bashing anything and everything conservative, and thought I'd weigh in. I know most of your acolytes are just going to "lol adrienne! rofl" and rarely challenge you with anything resembling an opposite viewpoint. Did I intend to be this much of a bastard? No, but once I saw more of your cheap-shot liberal antics, I thought I'd toss some of it back. That's just my opinion, though.


Anonymous said...


Bitter aren't we knowing that you will have to endure what we have for the last 8 years. Answer this question for all of us, are you ... this country ... and this world better off now then when Mr. Bush became president?

Abortion, interestingly many on your side demand the death penalty. Does the death penalty act as a deterrent to crime?

As for attacking Adrienne, you lose because people have her back. You are entitled to your opinions ... but remember so is she. That is what your side forgets because it's all about you. Memememememememe, that the republican way!


Tai said...


Crack-addled Shoniqua, huh? How incredibly typical....but my master-degreed ass won't even step down to your level for that one.

You entire "tirade" is riddled inconsistencies, twisted truths and just screams of the diluted "Elephant" that you are.

Memememememe sure is the Republican way. "We help people who have the means to help themselves" Sound familiar???


Anonymous said...


Your arguments against sex education and universal healthcare are that they are not blanket cures (e.g. "teen girls will still get pregnant" "In every society on the planet... thousands of people are going to die without healthcare").

This amounts to saying that any attempt to solve a problem is futile unless that solution is perfect.

Personally, I prefer the party that works toward a better, if still flawed, world.


Anonymous said...

More than I could have asked for...not one, but two responses in succession that perpetuate the stereotype of an unhinged, irrational left. Genuine thanks to Bri because -- even though I disagree with her -- she managed to post a cogent argument.

As for you other two:

d2 -- Answer to all three questions in the first paragraph: Yes. Next paragraph: This grammatical train-wreck barely approaches a rational thought, but I'll say that the views of conservatives in this area are remarkably consistent. Aborted life has had no chance to make its own way in the world, whereas those earning the death penalty have led a lifetime of misguided deeds. Under the concept of self-determination, they've screwed the pooch at their go at life and have usually taken other people's lives away from them in the process. Aborted life hasn't even been given the option of whether to help or hurt society yet. I believe this was the set of concepts you launched your clumsy attack on, even though I personally do not support the death penalty. Finally, your paragraph informing me of my "loss"...let me see if my feeble mind can understand this: Since Adrienne has an opinion as well (and, apparently, a posse to boot!), somehow that refutes the validity of my own arguments purely on the grounds that an opposing argument exists. You know, on a sidenote, I really do get a kick out of listening to liberals preach "freedom of speech" while in the same breath declaring the opposition foolish and misguided for even voicing their views.


I'm kind of relieved that your "master-degreed ass" didn't stoop to my level...I was kind of scared that there was going to be a debate there for a second. However, I find those claims about higher education to be slightly presumptive since you couldn't stoop to the level of grammar and punctuation, either. A few typos here and there online, OK (I didn't go after Adrienne's in her original piece), but your second paragraph looks like an abortion in itself. For one, you don't need to put quotation marks around something unless you were quoting it from me...since you are dubbing it a "tirade," you can forgo the quotation marks. Next, your claim that said tirade was "riddled inconsistencies" (besides not being backed up by evidence), seems woefully devoid of the word "with." Lastly, the word "diluted" has to do with watering things down, like if I said that "your incomprehensible reply to my post was a clear example of un-diluted childishness and amateurism." Try the word "deluded" in its place, and better luck next time. Really, though: referring to your master's degree was an artful touch. When trying to persuade yourself that you lead an erudite life of consequence, I'm sure it comes in handy.

Well, school's out. Thanks for R and Bri for posting the only sane things on this thread, but I'm done with this one.

P.S. "jec" -- I wouldn't want to leave you out. The pathetic push to discredit Palin with the supposed "banned books" list was given up on by the media -- and even most of the devoted moonbat blogs -- days before you posted. This is a standard list of "banned books" that has circulated via baseless internet smear-campaigns in several recent elections. It didn't help the cause that some of those weren't even published at the time Mrs. Palin supposedly wanted to ban them.

jec said...

Dear Asshat,

I was wiling to give you the benefit of the doubt. Check the factcheck site. Caribou Barbie asked on several occasions about removing books. I did not reference any "baseless internet smear-campaigns" (a FU from TAI). Did I post one single web addres that contained said list? Prove to me that she did not question the process and I will give WALNUTS! money. Otherwise I will continue to donate $50 to Barack each time you post your crazy right winged shit. See, I choose to fight your crap with my dollars and by committing to make more calls to undecided voters.

cj said...

Dear Original Poster of this Post:

Rock on. Seriously.

Has anyone seen the footage of this woman screaming at the podium while pumping her fist into the air? Its terrifying. If thats not a good reason to vote left, i don't know what is. Do we really want her in the White House?

No, we do not.


Shameless said...

Anonymous said...

I have six words for you: Tony Rezko, Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers

jec said...

Thanks anonymous from the Obama team. I just donated another $50 and pledged to make 20 calls to uncommitted voters this evening. We love your support.

Anonymous said...

Dear A,

Do you work for Fox News? You have an absolute knack for avoiding the issue (i.e. criticizing someone's grammar, typos, etc. instead of addressing the argument)...or maybe you took a cue directly from Palin herself and the way she sidestepped every pertinent question asked of her in her first "unsupervised" interview with Charles Gibson. By "unsupervised", I refer of course to the fact that she did not have someone else writing a speech for her or providing the "Republican stamped and approved answer" for her.

While I am an Obama supporter, I choose to not to engage you in political debate but rather to challenge you on your thought process. Why do you call forth the Bible and religion to justify your political beliefs? Are we not a country in which it is defined in the Constitution that we shall have SEPARATION of church and state?

Additionally, I can't help but notice the blatant racism inherent in your description of "Shoniqua" and her crack-riddled enterprises. Although it is unlikely based on what you have inadvertently revealed in your posting, I hope that you have judged Barack Obama on his character, rather than his color.

Whatever your basis of judgment, you are clearly out of touch if you think "Shoniqua" and those like her are the only people that can't access health care, and using the ability of illegal immigrants to access health care as an argument doesn't speak to the bigger issue - which is access to affordable healthcare for the average person. Prior to my current position, I was working three jobs for 90+ hours a week - and I still couldn't get health insurance (and believe me, I tried to "access" it). So, please don't tell me it's an issue of people choosing not to access it. How can you access what you can't afford? It more than sucks to "pay later" - it is a real and practical impossibility for the middle class, especially after eight years of Bush policies that have absolutely strangled the middle class. You want proof of that? Go stand outside a grocery store and ask people coming out how their lives have changed in the last eight years - gas prices have gone up, the housing market is abysmal, food prices have skyrocketed, and a large percentage of them are living paycheck to paycheck. Why? Because the average national wage has actually decreased under the Bush administration!! Is that the way the heart and soul of the most powerful country in the world deserves to live?

It's clear that you have made up your mind. Belittling others and invoking religion do little to further your cause in the political forum. A's blog about Sarah Palin may have represented a "knee-jerk reaction", but are we not entitled to have an emotional investment in our country? Do we not have the right to call into question decisions that could potentially affect our lives for the next four or eight years?

No matter what the case, a spirited discourse is vital to the democratic process. Condemning others as "too liberal", as part of the "irrational left" does little to further actual discussion of pertinent issues. It is people like you (Republicans and Democrats alike) that derail this process by making the issues personal - by chastising people for their opinion. This only takes away from the discussion of real issues.

Do everyone a favor - think before you speak (or write). Religion has no place in politics, nor does the sort of close-minded discourse you're trying to generate. You are the problem with this election, not organizations like because while they support Obama, they organize events to "Get out the vote" and register voters to engage them in the democratic process. I've never seen advertise an event "Get out the democratic vote". And quite frankly, that puts them heads and tails above the Republicans, who blatantly intimidated and discouraged Democrats from voting in the past two elections.

So, do us all a favor - consider your duty to your country as you vote, not your duty to yourself. We all have to live here - by rules we all agree upon, not by what you think is right for everyone based on what is right for you.

-Penelope Ann

Anonymous said...


Just as a brief side note, I know that it is in vogue, thanks to Sarah Palin's speechwriter, to refer to Obama as a "community organizer"...but if you are going to call others out on their inaccuracies, the least you could do is recognize his current service as a U.S. Senator, as well as his service as an IL state senator prior to that. Even if this were not the case, is it so shameful to give back to your community by being a *gasp* "community organizer"? At least we can rest assured that Obama has had direct contact with real issues facing real people as a result of this role - because he actively experienced them in his role as a "community organizer". Can the same be said of McCain?

On that same note, while the media (which makes a thinly veiled attempt at being bipartisan) may suggest the situation is to the contrary, Obama actually did set forth ideas for education reform, as well as ideas for all of the other issues you mentioned. I can't help but notice all McCain spoke of in his speech was his service to the military and broad generalizations in calling for "change" (which, might I add, is a theme he stole directly and unabashedly from the Obama campaign). Palin's speech was even less relevant - it was great to hear about her whole family and was even moderately amusing to hear her bash Obama from every angle...but I couldn't help but notice she left the stage after making the same promises for "change" as McCain without mentioning a single concrete plan for reform.

P.S. Promises about abolishing earmarks coming from a woman who requested over $200 million in earmarks for her own state seem kind of empty - even you have to admit that.

-Penelope Ann