Dear Bernie Mac,

Ain't this about a summamab*tch! wtf is this bullsh*t?! I can't believe yo muthaf*ggin ass is gone. what the f*gg?!

See, I'm headin to tha sto', bout to get me some muthaf*ggin smokes, and whats do my muthaf*ggin ears hear on my muthaf*ggin radio, but that your muthaf*ggin ass done left us. Now what the f*ck is we supposed ta do?! What otha muthaf*gga is gonna show us how to effectively use words like "muthaf*gga", "b*tch ass", "punk ass", and "summamab*tch"??!

Look, all I can say is that this muthaf*ggin bullsh*t ain't cool and I'm one sad ass pissed off muthaf*gga right now.

Just rest yo muthaf*ggin ass in peace, aight muthaf*gga?! Summamab*tch...

MuthaF*ggin T to the MuthaF*ggin R


Anonymous said...

Yeah....I'm gonna miss that mutha-f*cka too..... :o(

ML said...

it couldn't have been said better. ...muthaf*gga.