Dear L-word that keeps floating around my head,

STOP. Get out of my brain. I do not L-word the New Crush. You cannot L-word someone who doesn't L-word you back. Just because I drink a little bit of alcohol doesn't mean you are allowed to indiscriminately pop into my consciousness as if you are real. He L-words someone else, and so even though we all know he thinks I have a bangin' bod and bodacious brain, and even though I acknowledge that I want him like whoa, there is no reason for you to materialize just because I'm starved for affection.

Step off, cuz this is hard enough already,


Anonymous said...

Be careful! Mine just "accidentally" said it to me, and it changed everything. Now she claims she didn't mean it. Use is a powerful word.

Anonymous said...

Would the "L" word just happen to be "Lesbian"? Just wondering.