Dear credit card company,

Um, thanks for voiding my past month’s purchases. I’m still evaluating whether or not I should admit that, no, my Visa wasn’t stolen, and yes, those are in fact my extravagant purchases in three different countries.

This bill kind of looks like a winning lottery ticket,


Shameless said...

you can do that?!?!?


Anonymous said...

Thats flippin sweet.

Now, hurry and mail your CC to me on the West Coast, so i TOO can purchase numerous items from Neiman Marcus and have it voided from your card.

What a deal!

Anonymous said...

Actually I didn't do anything. They didn't even call. I just logged online to pay my bill and got a message that I'm a victim of fraud and therefore owe nothing. Weird?

Anonymous said...

Weird? No. Awesome? Yes.


Quatoes said...

Definitely lottery ticket material. Black out the account numbers and get that framed. :-)