Dear woman in the full burqa weighed down by Neiman Marcus bags,

While I sympathize with your adoration of Theory shift dresses, I don’t get it. May I suggest passing those purchases on to me? As a disciple of Gucci and not the Quran, I would happily give said dresses the life they deserve by allowing the public to admire them.

P.C. as always,


CF said...

sigh..i was just oogling theory shift dresses on my lunchbreak yesterday. too bad i can barely even afford to buy lunch..

Anonymous said...

Dude, do some research before you admit to being so freaking ignorant.

In public, yeah, it's burka time. But in the privacy of their homes, it's party time, and it's alllll about who's got the cutest outfit. Kind of like when you wearing boring work outfit, with racy panties....