Dear DLB,

Ok, seriously, has everyone fallen into a coma or are your lives suddenly either so perfect or so drama filled that you can no longer write a DLB entry at least every OTHER day???

I'm beginning to look elsewhere for my ordinary people drama. And I'll tell you something, BOSSIP.COM is no place for any degree-bearing individual. Especially if you are trying to read it at work and every other page has some girl in a thong. That is just NOT my cup of tea, people!

So get it together (or not) and start writing about your boring/busy, binge drinking, bus catching, bum fondling, boss cursing, babe boinking, boob bearing, butt bumping, blunt burning, boy bashing fantasies, shinanigans, and hijinx before I go mentally insane and start watching reruns of Brooke Hogan Knows Best on OnDemand! *shakes fist*

...that'll be all. As you were.

I'll be here all night,

p.s. forgot to add "ball busting"...

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CF said...

You're totally right. I MISS this blog, and I think we ALL know my life has not gotten miraculously normal over the past few months.

Vowing to Increase the Boozy Antics,