Dear Laz Alonso (google him ladies),

Although we only had a fleeting moment together, I feel like we really made a connection. When you looked me in my eyes and said, "Hey, how you doing? You look nice today," I knew it was love.

Those eyes...those lips...those biceps peaking out of your sleeveless shirt...they were all saying "TR, GROPE ME!"

But alas, I have a boyfriend, and as much as my friends all said that i should have "gotten [your] number" and/or "raped [you] in the middle of the street", I refrained and kept walking, ending our chemistry-filled conversation with a sweet "Thaaaank you" *smile*.

I know that someday, maybe in another time or space, we shall meet again. And when that day comes, I promise...that I will grab the shit out of your ass and bite your neck like a vampire!

...sorry Laz. I'll have to take a raincheck on your sweet caramel lovin'.

Until next time,

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