Dear hiking,

What the fuck is up with you? And why does everyone love you so much? I've tried to like you, but really, you're just walking. In the middle of nowhere. From nowhere. To nowhere. Seriously, every time I go anywhere in Ecuador people want to do you. "Hey, let's spend the next 7 hours walking up that mountain! Then we can walk back down it! We'll get really muddy, we'll be out of breath from the altitude and we might fall off a cliff. I sure do love the outdoors!"

Next weekend I'm going on a day trip to a nearby mountain town that has natural hot springs. My friends want to go early so they can do a SEVEN HOUR hike before hitting the spa. Now, I'm outdoorsy (aka I like swimming in the ocean, bbqs and drinking beer on front porches), but if I'm walking for seven hours it should be for a better reason than to just see some trees.

I think I'm a city girl,


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c said...


i never fucking understood the point of hiking. sweating, bugs, and dirt are notttt my faves.