dear life,

when did my life turn into one messed-up episode of 90210? a week ago today i was going out for restaurant week with a college friend, working on deadlines and preparing my apartment for a group of visitors. the visitors included: a best friend from college, her boyfriend, my ex boy/hookup/whatever, his old roommate and another friend. i must admit that i was a little nervous having the ex boy/hookup at my apartment- but, i figured i'd just make the best of it.

then, during a friday night drunken bathroom confessional at a seedy adam's morgan bar... "best friend" tells me that she slept with my ex boy/hookup one night. it gets better... her boyfriend is the ex boy's best friend. oh... and did i mention- the three of them live together? recipe for success i must say.

how exactly was i supposed to react to this news? she knew how this guy broke my heart, she has a boyfriend, the boys are/were best friends... and we still had 2 more days of this fun filled vacation together. now i'm picking up the pieces, re-examining that entire "friendship" and stuck in that horrible position where i know something that her current boyfriend doesn't.

a week ago my biggest issue was whether or not the orange line would get me back in time to make my shuttle. now i have to decide what to do with this "friendship" and wait for the bomb to drop on their relationship.

wtf, mate.


Anonymous said...

Sucks dude. But then again, you could always counter her betrayal by sleeping with her CURRENT boyfriend, totally 90210-style, then video tape it and don't show it to her until their wedding day.

Talk about revenge.

...Or you could just act like she never told you, pretend to still be her friend, then never talk to her again once you guys leave, a la The Babysitter's Club.

Your choice. I'm just here to help. :)


Anonymous said...

it must have been a weekend of shocking best friend confessions in the district.

my roommate of 2 years told me she has spent the past 6 months hooking up with my ex!

i'm feeling for ya....


Anonymous said...

You're the only one who's out of the situation. Cut em all off and leave them to dwell amongst themselves.