Dear middle court, backside tennis player at CGA,

You, my friend, are luscious. Thank you for deciding to not wear a shirt. Your anatomy is quite nice. I couldn't help but notice your perfectly proportioned pecs, chiseled abs, delicious deltoids, bulging biceps, and fantastic forearms. I also appreciated that your shorts weren't too short, too long, or too baggy...they were just right. I could see just enough of your quads to know that me likey, and they provided just enough outline of your ass to know that I want to grab it. I don't even know what to say about your face and your hair, except holy-undo-my-pants-please. To pull my pants down even further, all of this yumminess was coated with a really nice tan. You're tall, dark, and handsome. While I realize that it is against the rules to fraternize, I am totally free to mind-fuck the hell out of you... and for that, you are def the best mind-fuck of the week. Congrats.

Wet over you,

P.S. Not to mention, you kicked the other guy's ass. There's nothing like imagining a good athelete man-handling you... ahh.

P.S.S. I think this is a good start to our relationship.

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