Dear Boy,

It's not that I want you to be my boo. I'm not even going to be living in this town for the entire summer. I know that I'll lose interest in you the moment I start my summer job, and will probably rarely see you once this current job is over. Still, I want you to like me. I want you to want to be my boo because for some reason I want to be yours too. I told myself from the beginning that I could never love you because you were too short. It still holds true, but we have so much fun together that I'd be willing to overlook the fact that you're practically a midget. Alright, that was harsh, but still I'm only 6' and I still feel like I tower over you like the Jolly Green Giant towers over his indentured farmers. Either we need to move this situation up to the next level, like we've been trying, (Two gays, a whole bottle of vodka and a scary movie and we're still too chicken to do anything but cuddle? I mean COME ON) or we need to end it. There are only so many times I can look at your Facebook profile, ok? Which, ps, is totally boring. So can one of us please just man up and do something already? I'm counting my submission to an anonymous blog as my move. The ball is in your court.


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massie said...

Love it.