Dear self,

You are such a dumba**. How in the hell do you send a "my boyfriend is so wack" text TO YOUR BOYFRIEND??? you are super fantastically lame, dude. Just die already.

I mean, maybe you should stop doing all your dirty work via the internet and phone. Weren't you the one talkin all that trash about those little Myspace bastards bullying via bulletin messages? Obviously, you yourself are not that good at it, so why don't YOU just stop it, eh?

Word of advice, if you're gonna talk sh*t about someone, wait until you calm down enough so that the red glare of anger does not blind you and cause you to send emails and texts to the persons you are referring to. This advice could totally save your job/ass one day, so take heed.

Anyway, don't get too down on yourself. Here, I have written you this haiku to make you feel better:

At least you have cute
Shoes from Tar-jay. Can you say,
"Giraffe print"? Sooo fierce!

Hope that heals your ass-hole wounds.

Until the next time this happens,

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