Dear Taylor Swift,

I know everyone is all gaa gaa for you, especially after your performance at the Country Music awards, but seriously, I'm not impressed. First of all, who in the hell thought that it was clever for you to sing the first 2 minutes in a hoodie and jeans? As if NO ONE was going to figure out that those dainty little curls you kept tucking back would soon be revealed and that you actually wouldn't spend the entire performance playing Emo. In Avril Lavigne's dreams, i'll bet.

Second, you were flat. And i'm not just talking about your chest and a** either. I'm talking about your voice, singing that lame (read, cliched) song about a cheatin' boyfriend and how he "shoulda sayd Nah". Give me a break! You sounded like you were reading a book report on the Clinton-Lewinski case. Bor-ing! I mean, I know you're supposed to be all "child protege" and what not, but i'm really not intrigued.
It was like watching a jr. high talent show. I say "Boooooo!"

And then, as if watching you wiggle your no-dancing self around your microphone wasn't enough, you had some random dancer guys come out for a whole 3-seconds to rip off your clothes, revealing THE most boring dress I have ever seen in my life (I hope it wasn't Chanel), then turn on the front lawn sprinkler system so you could run through them. And even with you stomping and splashing all over the place, I couldn't help but get the feeling that THIS is what inspires Heidi Montag from The Hills to keep her tone-deaf dreams alive.

So T.S., to make a very long complaint kinda short: you suck. I mean, I know you're only like 15, and that you and Hannah Montana are BFFEs and all, but I'm not diggin your "skills". But I'm sure you've given Hannah's "nude photos" a run for their money!

Never believing the hype EVER AGAIN,

p.s. I suggest nabbing one of those Jonas Brothers to possibly redeem yourself to me. Just a thought.

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