Dear Self

What is wrong with you? Why can you not go for guys who are emotionally available and like you back? Why do you always go for the guys who don't want you? Do you like feeling like this?

It makes it harder to believe that there's nothing wrong with you when it happens over and over again.

Maybe it's time to give up on love?


Anonymous said...

Story. Of. My. Freaking. Life!

Anonymous said...

Dear T, 2 things:

1. I am T. You can be theta or lowercase t or whatnot, but I have few problems with boys because I am one. I thought I'd gone schizo. Please don't confuse me.

2. Don't blame yourself. Women always go for the unattainable and disastrous. It's in your genes. That's why all men are assholes. Only assholes (or men who can impersonate them) get laid, so all male children are genetically jerk-i-fied. Kind of a neat catch-22, huh?

-the REAL "T"