Dear Unattainable Coworker,

Your behavior of late has made me relieved that things didn't work out for us. Getting pissy because I have new friends that I hang out with? Acting like a jealous boyfriend because I don't sit inappropriately close to you at lunch (when you picked the side of the table with no chairs next to yours!), and instead sit next to the "New" Crush? What the hell!! You can't get mad that I moved on because YOU decided you didn't want to be with me! You're acting more like a girl than I've ever seen a man I was interested in act--and that's because I'm not interested in girly men. Seriously, it's a huge turn-off and only makes me more inclined to not want to even be friends, because you are acting incapable of being just friends. You rejected me, remember? Not the other way around.

To top it all off, I'm super stressed about work this week, AND I'm taking the GMAT on Saturday, so I'm stressed about that, too. I told you I had no time to hang out this week after work (and you only ever want to hang out when your g/f is out of town) because I'd be studying, and you decided to take it personally. I told you I had no time to talk on IM because I have this super important project to finish at work (or the company is DOOMED... well, close), and you bitched and moaned for over an hour. And then when I told you I was sorry you were upset but, once again, didn't have time to talk about it, you just took it as proof that your delusions have a basis in reality.

And Dear Lifers, I'm not being passive-aggressive. I told him all of the above, and he couldn't deal. So here I am, bitching to a blog instead.

I'm really starting to appreciate being single.

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