Dear life,

When I woke up at 6 AM to 10 missed calls from my family members, I knew something was wrong. But I never expected this. Last night, some randoms set my 2001 baby blue Volkswagen Beetle on fire. I've had it forever and I loved it. I had no plans on replacing it. I thought Daisy would die of old age and I'd drive her forever. I mean really- who sets a car on fire? I might understand if I had really pissed someone off or something- but this was 100% random because it happened when a family member took it to Texas which is pretty damn far from Chicago. I don't really know what to think. What is life trying to tell me? I guess it's sweet that I get a new car, but I didn't even want one. I loved Daisy and she smelled like crayons. I hope karma comes to get whoever decided it would be a good laugh to set a beloved car on fire.

RIP Daisy 2001-2008

~LaDiva~ the name comes from Daisy's old license plate :-(


Anonymous said...

i just wanted to express my compassion and empathy toward your situation. i've never had anyone set my car ON FIRE (jeebus!) but i hated giving up my gladys. she was a fantastic car, but as hondas do, she rusted right out of that fantastic engine & transmission.

here's to good cars,


Anonymous said...

i will miss daisy and her crayon smell. and her small backseat.

cheers, daisy!

Anonymous said...

Aww! My 2001 bug smells of crayons too! My sympathies! RIP Daisy.