Dear Hemingway,

Thanks for the recommendation! Botin restaurant near the Plaza Mayor in Madrid is amaaazing. Your recommendation of the suckling pig was unreal. We took a cue from you, got tipsy on sangria and pretended we were characters in The Sun Also Rises (I don't want to be the slutty one, you be the slutty one, no, I'll be the impotent guy). The live guitar quartet entertainment was great as was the random British guys at the next table paying off the band to serenade us directly. Twice.. And the lead guitarist chatting us up and inviting us to their next gig was pretty amusing too. We didn't go (not huge fans of men in tights), but it was exciting nonetheless. Anyways, thanks for the magically romantic girly date night.

Aspiring alcoholic geniuses,
Shameless and Massie

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massie said...

Poetic and brilliant. If I was into girls or we had more sangria I would have totally put out..notice the OR and not the AND. HEARTS