Dear Passive-Aggressive Boss,

I really don't appreciate you trying to call me out on my fake excuse for why I didn't come into work on Friday, instead opting to go to Vegas with my friends. It is TOTALLY possible that my boyfriend's daughter could get sick and I would be the only one that could take care of her. Is that really that hard to believe? I think not, you perfect-family having prick.

So telling me that "it only really counts when the kid is actually related to you" makes me feel like you are telling me that just because she didn't come out of my vagina, she doesn't count as my child. You damn right, she is my child! I take care of her like she is my child. I provide for her, I protect her. This is kind of protocol for all my close family. I would do the same for my sister, my mother, my father, my boyfriend. That's MY family, regardless of what some legal documents say. I mean, i may not have any serious family of my own yet, but give me a freakin break, you bastard, I'm still young as hell. So sue me that I haven't popped out 2 kids and had a shotgun wedding yet. Believe me, I'm working on it.

So in the meantime, f*ck you Mr. "my wife barely speaks english yet somehow we fell in love and every year she pops out another mixed baby"! I'm pretty sure that fat-a** VP of finance check you pull in definitely helps maintain your in-flux of "irish twins".

And regardless of the validity of my excuse not to come into work, you and "the partners" should learn how to better kiss my ass in this situation. Because honestly, if my little mama were ever really sick and needed me to take care of her, I would drop everything to come to her aid. How's that for a good explanation?

Wondering if Angie and Brad go through this bullsh*t,


Anonymous said...

...but you were in Vegas...and she wasn't sick...and even if she was it's not like you WERE the only one to take care of her...BECAUSE YOU WERE IN VEGAS.

My reco...count the lucky stars you weren't busted and don't be all stroppy.


And no...Angie and Brad ARE the boss. If they take time off all their people go hungry.

Anonymous said...

yes, duh, all these things are true. but my point is that I have known her since she was a baby and she is almost 4 now. i love that little girl to death, like my own, so if anything did happen, I am one of a just a few who could be there to take care of her. So it wasn't like i was trying to be pissed about "being caught", it's the fact that I'm critisized for my family dynamic just because she is not legally my child.

but it's all good, i'm glad someone thinks i'm an asshole out of this situation. nice way to play devil's advocate, T.

Next time, i'll just say i have pink eye.


Anonymous said...

Nonononono! That's not what I said! If you need to take care of somebody, they're your family...I'm not arguing that...


You probably SHOULD use excuses that are valid that he disagrees with because he will never catch you...he'll be obsessing over critiquing you...

But were partying in Vegas.


Anonymous said...

Well, he doesn't KNOW I was partying in Vegas.

Therefore, if HE thinks that my reason for calling in sick was because I was taking care of a child that is not mine, then what I was really doing is not an element of his critique. His notion is that I should not be allowed to call in to work for a child that is not biologically mine. So in the future, he tells me, I can't use a sick day to take care of her or anyone that is not legally and biologically related to me. He says "maybe if you know them for like 10 years or something. Hahaha" What a jerk.
I personally think that it sucks ass in this hypothetical case, and that is my beef.

I mean, seriously, it's not like i'm trying to validate myself for going to Vegas, the point of the matter is WHAT IF. That's all i'm really trying to say.

I know, I was WRONG. I am like the first person ever in the history of the working world to EVER fake a sick day and instead go out. O-M-freakin G, someone call Jesus.

My bad.


Anonymous said...

I tried calling Jesus but they said he was out flooding the midwest in the spirit of brotherhood.

...'cept later I saw him at the track.

Anonymous said...

TR -
I hear you on your indignance at the injustice of his judgment (hypothetical as the situation may have been.) It infuriates and saddens me that our culture has such a narrow definition of family, and that there's such an accepted expectation that any "valid" relationship should be deemed so by genes or legal documents.

I'm often angry that I've gotten to the point of making up imaginary appointments for myself, etc. to attend special events or provide care for the little guy in my life, just because it's easier than facing the scrutiny of trying to justify my connection (or perceived lack thereof.)

Okay - that was a really long-winded way of saying, I totally feel ya on this. Word.