Dear Upstairs Neighbors,

Last week, I was nearly ready to call the cops because you repeatedly got into violent-sounding screaming matches at 1 am, and frankly, I feared for my ability to sleep through the nights. Last night you woke me up again--but judging from the incredibly loud moans (nearly screams) of pleasure I heard wafting through the night air, you've made up. And it sounds like a really good time was had by all. Thinking back, I'm almost sorry that I didn't still call the cops last night, because really, that would've been funny. ("There are screams coming from the apartment upstairs, officer! I think he's beating her!")

Anyway, glad things are happy once again in Domestic-PartnershipLand, but if you guys could keep a lid on your noise polluting ways in the middle of the night, I'd really appreciate it. Please just keep your fights, and your make-ups, to yourselves.


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