Dear Roommate,

Were you raised by wolves? Because that it the only acceptable excuse for the way you have been acting lately.

1) being extremely rude to every other girl on vacation except for me and then telling me im not being a good friend because i am talking to the other girls is so 4th grade!

2) your personal hygiene has to be the worst I have ever seen in a girl......................take a shower after you run 5 miles. Wash your clothes so that the horrible smell doesnt creep into my room at night, and please try and be A LOT cleaner around your time of the month. Me waking up to the bathroom floor covered in blood is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!! THATS JUST GROSS!!!

3) Lastly, next time you encounter a 90 year old non-english speaking man who is being tended to by paramedics b/c he is a diabetic and is passing out on the plane, DO NOT lean forward and say the following"

"excuse me, im not comfortable with this, can you get off the plane now"

Seriously, get some manners! You are 25 and I hate to sound like your mom here, but this type of behavior is unacceptable.

Refusing to go on vacation with you again until you grow up,


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Anonymous said...

wow and eww, all at the same time.

you might wanna find a new roommate before you catch rabies from this one. she is mega nastastic. yuuuucky