Dear co-worker,

Thank you for telling me yesterday that you hoped your daughter would "one day grow up and be as wholesome" as I am. I was quite appreciative of your comment.
However, I'm pretty sure you have mis-judged me. In fact, I almost fell to the floor laughing when you told me this. I then called my friends and my parents to tell them about this comment and only laughter ensued (Dad had to put Mom on the phone because he was almost crying, my then reacted with 'hah, you're no Virgin Mary')

I'm guessing he didn't hear about how I slept in another one of our co-worker's beds...or the fight I got into this weekend...or any of the other non-wholesome activities I take part in on a bi-hourly basis.

Today I put on the preppiest outfit I could find in my closet. Hey-- I'm trying to keep up the facade ;)

How did I pull this one off?


Anonymous said...

No offense Em, but I had to giggle a bit too when I read that.

Let's cheers to facades!
*raises cocktail glass*


Em said...

No problem TR -- I've fully embraced the fact that I am not wholesome ;)