To my darling little dog Gracie,

Let's have a little chat. You know that I love you to death and that I think you are awesome. You are trained well, everyone loves you and you have such a great personality.

However, I was a little apprehensive when I walked through the door last night after work and you came up to me with your head down instead of in full-on freak out wagging your whole body mode. That always means something is wrong. I looked around to survey the damage and saw that you had destroyed an envelope on the couch. So far, no big deal - it's not like you tear anything up on a regular basis. Hey, at least you contained the mess to a small circle on the couch.

Then, I saw the puke. Two piles on the love seat and three piles on the big couch. I must admit, I am a little concerned considering you weigh twelve pounds. I was not aware that it was possible for such a small animal to puke so much. In fact, I was not even aware your stomach would hold that much to throw up.

I just wanted to let you know that I'm not angry at you. But if you feel like practicing for the vomit olympics again, could you maybe just do it on the floor so it's easier to clean up? And maybe on a day when your daddy is off work so he can take care of it?


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