Dear Self,

Stop being a slutface. The date was fun. The beach, the kite flying, and driving in a convertible were all very romantic and perfect. But you felt very little chemistry (not no chemistry, but definitely no topsy turvy stomach flips). Yet, you kissed him. A kiss is harmless (especially when it is in the ocean after flying a kite together). It all seemed innocent enough, until your dumbass went back to his place. I was going to stop him at kissing but when he touched the places that my bathing suit covered, I just couldn't say no. So I closed my eyes and was selfish as hell. A girl's got needs to. Oops.

Thank goodness you shaved,
M in SF

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Anonymous said...

Dear M:

Don't listen to yourself. You should continue being a slutface until the cows come home. And maybe after, too.