Dear Dear Lifers,

So I've been reading this blog long enough to feel like a creeper if I don't start contributing. So, a little about myself: I hate committment, love shoes, prefer cats over dogs and sex over chocolate and get all hot when I meet sexy Latino men. I own a pair of skinny purple jeans and have two tattoos. I once dropped acid on Halloween night in a college town. I'm dating a guy who doesn't speak English and has an Ecuadorian accent I have trouble understanding. Fellow Dear Lifer Eloise is my bff since kindergarten. I'm generally lazy, which is why I'm blogging at work.

Here's promising to make as many poor life decisions as possible for the sake of literary value,


Anonymous said...

welcome!! We are always open to new drama! Go live it up and bring it back to us!!

Anonymous said...


You're so in. We, here at DLB, encourage your poor life decisions. :)

Cheers to your purple skinny jeans,

Douchegirl said...

Ecuador represent!