Dear Life,

I wore a shirt and tie to my latest interview. Why? Because I'm a fucking college graduate. Did I get the job? Yes. Totally awesome right? My BA totally just landed me the job of 3rd shift stock boy at the grocery store. From the hours of 10pm straight through 6am I will be taking shit off of a truck, making sure that Captain Crunch is sitting pretty on the shelf, and buffing the ever-loving hell out of that linoleum floor. I never thought I'd say this, but I really miss working for Poolservice Company. Why is this the best North Carolina's economy can offer? Do I kill myself now or later? Seriously.

Who wants my DVD collection?
Dan in NC


Anonymous said...

Well, at least you got the job. Imagine if you hadn't.

Glad you're still alive,

p.s. I have a full-time and i'm on the brink of picking up not one, but TWO part-time jobs to compensate my "lavish" social life.
p.p.s. and by lavish social life, I mean, being able to pay my cell phone and electricity bills on time. woo.hoo.

Anonymous said...

Nearly two months without one, so it's definitely something. I give myself two weeks, but imagine the dearlife material!


Anonymous said...

i love the fact that you guys take as much enjoyment out of writing and reading these entries as we do. we absolutely appreciate your support and participation. :)


Anonymous said...

Not a problem ML,

I can't speak for everyone, but I know that writing these entries helps to make me look busy at work, especially when I write it in multiple paragraphs in a Word doc. Sometimes I also throw in a random graph, just for show. ;)