Dear life,

Nobody ever tells you that being single is so much more expensive than having a man. Since when do I have to buy my own drinks, meals and cab rides? I thought it would be pretty sweet to be unattached for once- and it's not bad... but I don't know how much longer I can afford my expensive/fabulous lifestyle.

Single and fabulous?


Anonymous said...

I'll warn you - when you're in a serious relationship/married to an actor, you have the same problem. So be careful.

Marrying for love may be overrated,

p.s. just kidding i love my boyfriend. it just means we're both doomed to be poor. because i have expensive taste.

Em said...

And...when you are single and fabulous you have to hide your shopping addiction so they don't run the other way...if they realize how much you spend on a daily basis they are sure to be scared off!

Anonymous said...

Funny, I find that being sans-gf leaves me with boatloads of leftover cash. I think being a dude is easier in a lot of ways. We totally HAVE to marry for love, because we wouldn't tolerate the expense otherwise. The funny thing is, NO women are inexpensive - it's a totally equal market. Generally, the distinction is between Manolo Blahnik and Prada or "just Coach." This disctinction to most guys boils down to a simple "women cost too much...but they're hot."

Women "settle" for marrying for love...which I guess means settling for somebody with a weak W-2.

It's nice to know that women care about a guy being non-evil enough to "overlook" cash flow issues sometimes. I think I'll stick with "plan A" though - which is to make bank so I continue to get latitude for not being pretty or charming:

"Yes dear, I am a jerk. Feel free to shack up with Mr. pretty and poor. Have fun raising kids in a dump and spending your vacations camping in state parks."

That unspoken argument keeps more pretty, smart women in crappy relationships than "I love you." ever will...


Anonymous said...

Best cash related opening exchange I ever heard:

In a bar in the Marina (in SF).

Guy: Hi, I'm (name)
Girl: Hi.
Guy: What's your name?
Girl: (Name). Nice to meet you.
Girl: What kind of car do you drive?
Guy:'s called a "golddiggerfucker." Have you heard of it?
Girl: You're an asshole.
(walks away) which point I practically peed myself.