Dear Unexpected Male Attention,

I am not sure if Karma finally figured out that my self esteem needed to get kicked in the ass with a big boost of self esteem or what - but Thank You!

First, there was the on-again/off-again boy that wanted to be on-again. Then, we had the super hotty secret service agent that was adorably, obviously and embarrassingly smitten to the point that my coworkers were giving me hell. Then the old high school crush shows up on Facebook. And finally - the absolute cherry on the cake:The best sex of my life (6 (great) times, one night) reappears via text then phone call after a 1.5 year hiatus. Had memorized exactly what I wore the last time he saw me two years ago. (swoon). He's begging for a cross country visit and I may not be able to resist. RAWR!

Thank you Karma or pheromones or whatevs is going on to make me suddenly seem and feel like a sexy bitch. I really needed this pleasant surprise. Keep it coming please.

Struttin' a little,

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