Dear life-

This morning when I was doing the walk of shame back to my apartment wearing daisy dukes and a t-shirt, a greasy guy in bleached ripped up jeans approached me and asks me where I work. WTF? So of course I ask why and he says he wants to offer me a job..."In the entertainment industry." Mother fucker. I guess dressing like a skank gets you these thrilling opportunities of being randomly given an "entertainment industry" job at 7 am in the morning... Note to self- stop dressing like a stripper or people will think that's your dream job.

Keeping my cheeks hidden for a while...

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Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad. My bff and I were walking to the library in our beloved college town, and I don't even think we were dressed in any provocative way. We were approached by a woman who gave us her card and said she was "always looking for new girls" for her company. We didn't realize, until she walked away and we looked at the card, what she was talking about was the first time I was recruited for an escort service, and I can only hope it was my last.