Dear Dear Lifers,

Taking a cue from y'all, I'm making a public deal with myself. If, barring illness or injury, I can successfully get myself to work out on 21 of the 31 days in July, then I get to buy myself a new purse. And if, on top of that, I continue to work out into August, develop decent abs, and lose a couple pounds and keep them off, I can buy myself a new and expensive swimsuit. At that point I can parade around the "New" Crush all I want, confident that even if his g/f is hotter than me (and she is, dammit), at least I have a decent bod (and also am more interesting than her).

Screw the Special K challenge, it's the Dear Life challenge!


Anonymous said...

hell yeah, that's what i'm talking about

M in SF

Anonymous said...

Good luck!! Everyone could work out more- this is a fun idea

cj said...

You go, girl!! Good luck, we are here for you to drill-sargeant you from various parts of the world/nation.