Dear people with whom I share an office,

1. Uncomfortable, shy girl: You're okay and all, but you're never going to become a good journalist if you don't come out of the shell a little. Plus that article you did about our project had so many flaws. It was like you weren't listening to us at all. Also, your computer ... makes this sound ... every 5 seconds. I don't know if it just sucks (which is unlikely, it looks like a newer laptop), or if you really access hard disk that much, or perhaps you're running your OS off of a CD-ROM, but it's obnoxious considering how uncomfortably quiet this office tends to be.

2. Guy who talks on the phone really loudly: I may sound like an old woman here, but I HATE sudden loud noises. I realize that it's rather silly since I live in the city, but when you suddenly start talking, breaking the intense silence of this office, I want to throw something at you. Moreover, you do it about twice an hour. Why are you getting so many calls? Are you a drug dealer?

3. Other guy: you cool. I wish you weren't gone all the time, doing things that are very obviously more important than what I do. You actually talk to me when I try to make conversation.

Okay, so sometimes even the littlest things in the office get on your nerves.

Not to mention that the mayonnaise in the fridge in our kitchen is about a month and a half past the expiration date, too. So I am going to be eating a very fishy tuna salad on my crackers today. Damn.

I wish that if I took my stuff home, I would actually be able to do work there. Usually it doesn't get touched. But I am much better off leaving work at work, so I can relax when I'm at home.

the real world SUCKS,

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