Dear adorable boy I spent the entire weekend with,

These things made me think that you were into me:
-Motioning 'I heart you' across the room at me
-Offering me your hankie when I was crying
-Jumping into bed with me when you saw I was sleeping there alone
-Telling me "its like we're married" as we were making coffee together and after a day filled with one on one events
-Waiting on me hand and foot all weekend
-Watching my every move and being jealous when other boys were showing me interest

So, why didn't you try and kiss me? Is there a girl in the picture that you didn't bring up? Are you simply a Beta male?

Sigh - at least there are adorable facebook pictures of us together that I can look at

Elated and sad at the same time,


Anonymous said...

dear em,

girl, personally i think hes into you. i mean, thats a bunch of cute stuff. i think hes way into you and he was too shy or too respectful to try and kiss you.

or hes gay. but im definitely rooting choice #1!


Em said...

OMG this comment just made my day! Thanks J :)